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Warm Colors for Cold Weather Blues

Here in the midst of our first true cold snap of the winter, we have been daydreaming of warmer temperatures and sunny days (especially as Ken travels down to Nashville for a buying show)!
Luckily when you wear jewelry you can literally change your mood by changing the accessories you wear!



White gold has reigned supreme for quite a long time. What’s not to love about a metal that complements the colorlessness of diamonds?

While white gold will always have its staple place in the jewelry world, it’s just going to have to move over because yellow gold is having a moment and the moment is big!


I have been seeing yellow gold everywhere lately. Fashion advertisements, social media, trend blogs, I could go on… Have you noticed this too?


There is something about yellow gold with its buttery warmth that just radiates and glows. For centuries yellow gold has been prized for the immediate status symbol it represents.


While white gold lends its icy tones as a compliment to diamonds, yellow gold will contrast and set diamonds off brilliantly.
Yellow gold will also compliment certain colored gemstones better than its pale sister metal, increasing the vivid characteristics these stones naturally possess.


*And while we are mentioning gemstones and warm-colored metals, rose gold gives red and pink stones the sweetest, warmest vibe!*



Ultimately I think my favorite looks in yellow gold right now are going to be your basic metal jewelry styles, including gold earrings, bangle bracelets, layered necklaces, symbolic pendants, and motif rings. These are the trends I’ve been ogling over!



How about you? Do you own any yellow gold jewelry? I’m forecasting it right now:  yellow gold will be the color to crave this year!


Hi, I'm Kelly Robertson, GIA Applied Jewelry Professional/AGS Certified Sales Associate and author of this blog post! I am always scouring the jewelry industry horizon for the latest and greatest trends to bring to you. 

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