Fresh Looks for Engagement Rings

Fresh looks have landed in the Engagement Cases at Wm. Marken Jewelers!


I have to boast about some of our fresh inventory for a minute. These styles are too beautiful not to flaunt!

I’m a huge fan of a well-designed halo. Originally the halo style was meant to be used to make a smaller diamond appear to be larger, and while that is a genius way to give your diamond an extra “oomph” the halo has simply become a staple style across the board. From engagement rings to fashion jewelry and diamonds to pearls, the halo adds a touch more sparkle.

This oval engagement ring can hold a 1.00ct diamond in the center, and holds just under a 0.50ct total weight in the mounting. All that carat weight adds up to quite a big and shiny amount of diamond!

Oval Halo2

If you are like me and you enjoy living vicariously through Pinterest, you may have a pin board for jewelry. And if you have ever browsed engagement rings in said Pinterest search, I guarantee you have seen the “ballerina” style.


We call this ring a “ballerina” style because the accent diamonds (usually baguettes or some similar array of diamond cuts) flare out like a ballerina’s tutu (straight outta’ the Nutcracker).

Now you can achieve that look at Wm. Marken Jewelers! This ring is set up with a 0.25ct center diamond and set in 14kt rose gold.

I call this next style a “starburst” design. Twelve round brilliant cut diamonds radiate outward from the 0.33ct center diamond for a truly stellar combination! Set in 14kt white gold, what’s not to love?


This last style has a very Modern-Edwardian feel to it. The Edwardian Era boasted highly ornate jewelry with delicate detail, usually set in white gold or platinum.

The detail in this ring beckons to that time, but the 14kt rose gold gives it a fresh modern look. The ring is set with a 0.33ct center diamond and would be the perfect unique piece for the person hoping to wear something bespoke.

Rose Frame 2

I have tried to decide which of these new styles is my favorite and I’m honestly having a difficult time coming up with an answer!
Which style is your favorite? Come into Wm. Marken Jewelers today to try one on!

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