Planning a Holiday Engagement?

The snowflakes are falling, the carols are abounding, and you've got a nice warm drink in your hand. You've checked most of your loved ones off of your list, and you've saved the best for last. With the rest of your treasures in tow, you head over to Wm. Marken Jewelers. You're ready to purchase that perfect keepsake for your favorite person in the world.




But wait! Did you know that your special order can sometimes take a few weeks to arrive?


Wm. Marken Jewelers knows how important this special purchase is to you; it's what makes us excited to come into work every day! We and our little Christmas elves (aka our vendors) would turn back the hands of time if we could, but all too often we have to regretfully tell a customer the wonderful gift they've taken great care to dream up cannot be ready by Christmas Eve.




Maybe it was love at first sight. Maybe one day the weight of your love for this person just hit you. But you didn't decide on a whim that you were ready to take the plunge, did you? In most cases, the selection of the perfect ring is the same way. Help us make your holiday one to be remembered, and don't wait until the last minute for those extra special orders! 



The good news is we keep a variety of gorgeous pieces in stock, ready to be wrapped up to go under the tree. So even if you can't help but come last minute, Wm. Marken Jewelers has got you covered!


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We hope you have a happy upcoming Holiday season and we thank you for choosing Wm. Marken Jewelers to make them Merry and Bright!


You can browse our many engagement ring styles here.