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May is the month of the Emerald—the gem of spring!

Get to know this gem a little more and you will understand what makes this green-hued wonder one of the Big Three gemstones.


  • Emerald is in the beryl family and usually shows a vivid green or bluish green hue. There are other green gems, but emerald is known for being the single gem to display the greenest of greens.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since gem experts haven’t agreed upon what specific hue of green is ideal for emerald, one can choose according to his or her personal taste.
  • Emerald’s “three-phase” inclusions make a genuine stone easy to spot, and can even lend to the beauty of a gem. Experts sometimes refer to this display of inclusions as an “internal garden.”

At Wm. Marken Jewelers, we take great pains to ensure that all of our gemstones are natural and genuine.

Want to learn more about the particular physical and optical properties of gemstones? Just ask!

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