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Summer PSA: What you need to know before you swim

The sun is out, the temperature is hot, and many of us are spending our lazy days by the pool.

Whether you’re on a vacation you’ve planned all year or just relaxing at the local swim park, chances are you may be forgetting a very important rule in jewelry care. You would be surprised how many people don’t know this simple but oh-so-vital fact!

Chlorine hurts gold in a major way.

The chemical composition of chlorine (and bleach as well) wreaks havoc on gold jewelry. Most gold jewelry has been mixed with other metals called “alloys” to give the soft precious metal more strength. You might not see the effects instantly—in fact it may even take years for chlorine damage to manifest—but chlorine from swimming pools and hot tubs can break down these alloys’ molecular structure.

This causes irreversible damage to the molecular structure of the gold itself.

There is nothing else that causes damage like chlorine, so when we see it—we know it.

The metal becomes very brittle, often resulting in broken prongs and snapped shanks (which can lead to missing stones and lost rings). The gold can be temporarily repaired, but it’s liable to break again.

You probably clean your house, right? Lots of typical household cleaners contain bleach. Gloves are not enough. Take your rings and other jewelry off and put them in a safe place when getting ready to clean.

While many jewels are often given to us as tokens of lasting love, they are by no means invincible.  

We want to protect your jewelry so they last a lifetime, so please take care when swimming or cleaning!

For more tips on the care of jewelry, check out this link:  http://www.wmmarken.com/education/maintenance/