What are Grown Diamonds?

Pure Grown Diamonds are identical in physical, optical, and chemical property to natural diamonds, with the sole difference being origin. These diamonds are grown from a carbon seed in a lab.


Keep in mind that lab grown (sometimes called lab-created or man-made) diamonds are starkly different from other alternative options such as moissanite, cubic zirconia, and white sapphire.


Lab grown diamonds are NOT a diamond simulant or imitation; they are 100% pure carbon and therefore 100% diamond. They are often referred to as “synthetic” diamonds, which can be misleading to the consumer because “synthetic” tends to correlate in our minds with “imitation”. It is best to stick with clear terms, such as “lab-grown” or “created”.


Grown diamonds have the same chemical composition, crystalline structure, and refractive index as natural diamonds. They weigh the same as a natural, are certified just like a natural, and they have an equal hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale.

Let's put this into perspective. A wildflower may grow in the earth, and it would be a beautiful and natural blossom. The same flower can be grown in a greenhouse, where man cultivates its beauty, and it is no less of a flower than that which grows directly from the earth.


Just like the greenhouse, lab-created diamonds perfectly duplicate what occurs naturally in the earth.


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