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The world needs to know more about Lab Grown Diamonds.


Follow along with me as I introduce you to this amazing new option in diamond jewelry!

Whether you call it lab-grown, lab-created, or man-made, let not the title of the stone deter you.
The very first thing that every single person needs to know about a Pure Grown Diamond is this: it is 100% identical to Natural diamonds physically, chemically, and optically. The single difference is origin.


Ready to hear the best part?

A lab grown diamond is 30-40% less money in comparison!


Hold the phone—30—40% less money?


That’s right, and the key factor in that price drop is because production of a lab grown diamond is a mere fraction of what it costs to source a natural diamond.


The finer points of the sustainability and eco-consciousness of Pure Grown Diamonds will be highlighted in another blog post, but the basic facts are that lab created diamonds require no soil movement, negligible air pollution, and minimal water usage for production (not to mention the risk to employees is nil).


100% identical to a natural mined diamond, Pure Grown Diamonds will astound you with their beauty and affordability.


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