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Custom Design: An Inside Look

At Wm. Marken Jewelers, we value artistry and the careful crafting of every piece of jewelry. Custom Design is one of the most amazing ways to see this process take place!

We are proud to say that Jennifer and Kelly are both artists by trade. When Bill or Ken tries to draw out an idea, it usually looks like a bunch of stick figures and wibbly-wobbly shapes. But put a pencil in Jennifer or Kelly’s hands and you will see your idea come to life before your eyes!

So what can you expect when you partner with Wm. Marken Jewelers to create that perfect, one-of-a-kind piece?

Our custom design process tends to follow this pattern:

Step 1:  Hand-sketch potential designs.

This better enables the client to envision the piece, and allows for an opportunity to make initial changes to the design before going to CAD (Computer-Aided Design).

Step 2:  Order the CAD

Once the desired design has been chosen, we send all measurements, drawings, and specifications to the CAD designer. A CAD image will be developed and shown to the customer for approval. This is the time for the client to make any further adjustments to the design if need be.

Step 3:  Approve the CAD

Approval of the CAD means it’s time to create the custom jewelry! This process usually takes 3 weeks from wax to finished piece.

Step 4: Pick up your piece

The jewelry arrives and the client can pick it up (after we have inspected it to ensure highest quality, of course)! 

We have created so many amazing pieces of jewelry just in the past year alone, and the designs our customers dream up continue to inspire us.

What ideas do you have for a custom Wm. Marken piece?